I Want To Tell You (DM Messages to DF)


Thank You for Coming into My Life

”Hello beloved. I want to say something to you And I mean it. Thank you for coming into my life. I am not sure how you liked me But your love is precious to me. I am not sure if am I worthy of your love or not But I know one thing. I will love you more than anything in this world Because I know how important you are In my life and I mean it… You are just perfect for me. You are beyond perfect for me. You made my life so easy and wonderful. You don’t have any idea how much I love you. Your love is the best thing in my life. I will love you for the rest of my life”

Your Love Is Precious for Me

”Hello beloved. Can you please listen to me? I just want to say something. Please trust me. Your love is precious to me. I mean it. I don’t have the heart to tell you this. All I want to do is just understand… My feeling for you. I am a very shy person so I am finding… Head time to tell you that I love you. That is why I am confessing my love. Please don’t ignore me. I can’t take your ignorance. If you look at me you will find love. In my eyes for you. I love you a lot”

I Am Struggling!

”Hello beloved. I want to tell you that… I am struggling to have you back. I just want you to be back in my life… I know I have committed mistakes in the past… My several mistakes make you unhappy And now you left me forever. I know I do not deserve you and your forgiveness But I know if someone is going to understand me. Then it’s you… You are the one who makes… I feel good about myself… You always make me feel special But I always hurt you back. I know I treated you horribly. All were my fault And I make you suffer. I will not repeat this mistake in the future. Please forgive me, my love”


”Hello beloved. You are the love of my life. I want to live my life fully with you. I am completely devoted to you. I can not live without you anymore. Your love is the best thing that happened to me ever… Your life is the base of my life… You have changed my life completely. You told me how beautiful life can be… You told me how to live life fully. You told me love is a beautiful thing. Love is important to live fully. Thank you for accepting my love. You are god’s gift to me. Thank you for your loving me. Thank you for accepting me as I am. I know I am not worthy enough But still, I got you and it is hard to believe. I love you a lot sweetheart.”

This Is too Personal for Me

”Hey beloved. I just want to say something to you. This is too personal for me but I am going to tell you now. I am madly in love with you. I can not express my feelings in In front of you But you are my true love. You gave meaning to my life. You are an important person in my life. Your love is the key to unlocking my happiness. I am breathing only because of you. You made my life beautiful. You are my angel who is protecting me always. I have seen this beautiful world from your eyes. You made my days and night wonderful. You don’t know how precious you are. Your love gives me the power to live life happily. Thank you for allowing me into your life. Thank you for loving me back. My love is blind for you…You make me happy sweetheart”

Will You Please Accept My Love Proposal

”Hello beloved. I want to tell you one thing baby. I just want to make it straight now. I love you a lot And I mean it… You are an important person in my life… I can express my love for you in words… You are just perfect for me… I know you also like it but I want… Hear it clearly from you what is it? Do you love me too?? It’s okay if you are unable to answer me right now. I can understand I am expressing my love. All of a sudden and you are confused now But I know this is not friendship. I love you and I know we are twin flames. I know you are feeling the same for me. Just tell you to love me back…”

Please Answer Me Once Again

“Hey beloved. I made up by all this nonsense. I cannot hide my feelings now. It becomes difficult day by day. Please understand my feelings. I am unable to understand. Why do you ignore me And do not accept my feelings? You always hide your feelings too. I want you to be mine. Please answer me once again. I want to make it clear now. I will ask you once again. Will you be my love? Would you like to spend your life with me? I love you a lot, my love. I want you to be in relation with you”

I Want to See You Right Now

“Hey beloved. Oh my god! This is so exciting. This is happening. I am so excited to tell you this. I got huge success in my life And it is because of you. I know you are the reason behind my success. Since the day I meet you. I know, since you came into my life. My life took u turn honey. I want to see you right now. I want to hug you tight. I want you to be with me in my happiness. Oh, my love! Thank you for coming into my life. I feel so blessed with you. You are a precious gift to me. I thank God for giving you to me in my life”

Now I Know It’s My Problem

”Hey beloved. This is the first time in my life. That I am so much confused. Do you know why I am in this situation? It is because of you. You are the reason behind all this mess Initially, I tried to blame you But now I know this is my problem. I kept thinking about you always. I know it is hampering my work. I know it is killing my time But don’t know why? I like to be in your memories. This is too much crazy. I am smiling alone in your thoughts. Oh! God, I feel like I am going to be mad. Your love will kill me one day”

They Are Jealous About Our Relationship

”Hello beloved. I beg you just don’t listen to them. These people are just jealous In our relationship they are haters. They don’t want us to be together. People always want to set apart. Our perfection made them jealous. They don’t understand our divine bond. They will not understand our feelings for each other. People always judge relationships. They always want to criticize the relationship But our relationship is pure. Other people’s opinions are not going to affect us. People want to judge us. Let them do what they want to do. We are here to make love. We are here to live our life together”

Please Promise Me This Thing.

”Hey beloved. You know I love you a lot But do you know my fear, my love? I feel scared by the thought of losing you. I feel scared by the thought that you will leave me. I don’t know what is the issue with me. Some days I feel full of love And some days I feel scared by these things. I feel I will go mad thinking this. I don’t know how can I leave this feeling. I know you are the one who can fix this. You always have answers to all my questions. You are just the perfect choice for me. I get uncomfortable when you. Do not answer my phone call. I know it is not possible for you. I want you to be around me for lifetime”

Do You Know I Cried A Lot.

”Hey beloved. Do you have any idea? How much I cried when you were. Not here with me. I was so alone I missed you a lot. This loneliness killed me inside. I was not happy at all without you. I was missing you like a hell. I want you to come back. I want you to hug me and kiss me. I felt jealous by looking at other lovers. I was unable to handle my depression. I was looking for you everywhere. Can you please come back as soon as possible? You don’t have any idea, how it feels. When you are unable to talk to your love. Come back to me immediately”

I Need To Tell You This

”Hello beloved. I want to tell you one secret today. Do you want to know my secret? Initially in scared to admit it. But everyone around us knows this. So gradually I have accepted this feeling now. Yes, I want to tell you my feelings for you. Yes, I have a beautiful feeling for you. It is a feeling of love… Love is a beautiful feeling And I have it for you in my heart. I can not deny the fact that I love you. I am deeply, madly & completely in love with you. You accept it or not but it is true. I don’t want to force my love on you But I just want to tell you that… I love you. I just want to tell you I am yours. My heart belongs to you, my love”

I Can Not Stop Myself 

”Hey beloved. You don’t have any idea, my love. How much it is difficult for me. To hide my love from the world. I cannot ignore my feelings. I know we want to keep it secret But now I cannot stop myself. I cannot control my feelings for you. Whenever I look at you. I cannot control my blush. Spark comes into my eyes when I look at you. When you look at me I feel something. In my body, I cannot express it in words. I don’t know what to do but My situation is worse now and I cannot handle it. Can you please come to me immediately? My heart is beating very fast”

 I don’t feel like doing anything

My love I love I love you a lot, many times I behave like a jerk and vanish for some time, and I am taking some time to cope with them.

Sometimes it feels like I am not in the right state of mind that I need a break, I know things will get better with time, I just need to take one day at a time, on such days I miss you the most.

It would be nice if you were next to me, please don’t think that I have started to lose interest in you, or that I might have found someone else, I am just fighting a battle with my mind.

It’s funny because I am going to lose and I am going to win at the same time, I don’t want to burden you with my issues, you already have a lot going on in your life.

Just keep sending me your love vibrations, they help me a lot, they make me feel like there is hope to life, I am trying desperately to clutch onto anything that makes me feel alive.

I don’t feel like doing anything, I just want to lie down on my bed and not get up for days, I feel like getting up only after this phase has passed away, I don’t feel like talking to anyone else.

I don’t feel like going out in the World, I just want to be left alone with someone, I want to shed this burden of responsibilities, I want to breathe freely, I can’t take it anymore.

Please show me a way my love only you can understand, what I am going through I don’t like this feeling my head feels so unhappy, and l am not able to breathe freely, I just want to let go, show me a way to do this you are wise you tell me.

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