DM To DF Love Message

DM To DF Love Message

💌 I Just Want to Admit Something. 😘

”Hey beloved. I just want to admit something. Feel jealous sometimes. Yes, now don’t laugh at me But I am telling you the truth from my heart. I feel jealous when someone caught my eye. I feel jealous when someone gets my attention. I don’t like looking at you from so far. I want to be close to you. I tried to express my feelings to you indirectly. However, you have chary the subject. I am not sure why you are doing this to me. I just want to tell you that I am in love. I want you to be on my side always. Please look at me and understand my concern. I am in love with you madly…”

💌I Just Want You Not Someone Else❤️

”Hello beloved. I just love you so I want you in my life. I can not give your place to someone else. You just made me complete. So, I will not go with someone else now. I want you in my life always. You can not leave me in this life. We were meant to be together. We are the perfect twin flame. I can not share my life with any other person. I want to share my life with you. I want to create my dream life with you. I can not accept someone else in my life. You are the only love I have in my life. I want you to be on my side always. Just understand my love for you. Please accept my love for you”

💌 I Think This Is Unexpected for You 💗😍

”Hello beloved. Are you ready to hear this from me? I want to reduce this burden from my head. My mind is stuck with these thoughts. I want to clear my mind as soon as possible. If will not you this I will go mad. I know this is unexpected for you. I know you are thinking I am behaving wired But now think are not in my hand. My mind is suffering enough from my thoughts. I want to tell you something which is… Very close to my heart and no one knows this. I don’t know how you feel after listening to this But I am going to tell you my feelings now. I have love feelings for you. Now I cannot hide them from you. As my feelings started to enter my eyes. Hiding this love feeling is difficult for me now. I want to explore these feelings with you. Can you be with me on this love journey? I know we will find happiness together”

💌 I Have to Tell You This 💝😘

”Hey beloved. I want to tell you this. I know you will not believe me But trust me everyone around you know this. You are the only one not aware of this But now I want to tell you this. I want to become the first person who is… Going to tell you this thing. You are so beautiful from head to toe. You always make others feel special Because you are a special person. There is a spark inside you I am sure. You lighten up the whole world. You make happy everyone around you. People enjoy your company so much. I know you will not believe this And that’s how you are ground to earth person. I like everything about you. I don’t want to waste my time by fooling myself”

💌 Do You Know I Miss You So Much✨

”Hello beloved. Do you have any idea how much I miss you? I am always floating in your memories. You are there in each breath. You are there in each heartbeat. My heart does not belong to me anymore. Even my heart does not listen to me. My heart always misses you without any reason. My lips always smile when I think about you. I am unable to understand the reason. I am behaving weirdly nowadays. People feel like I am a crazy person But I know you are the reason behind it. I feel a strong connection with you. I felt a connection with you in the first meeting. You are my life partner I know that. I just want to tell you I miss you always”

💌 I Have a Question for You. 🔥💗

”Hey beloved. I want to ask you something for a long time. I was struggling to ask you this But now it’s high time. I know this is my last chance to ask you this And I will not waste more time thinking. Can you be my twin flame? Yes, I am not joking. I know this question is wired for you But you are the one who stays in My heart always… My heart is beating for you. My love life is a twin flame journey for me And I want you to be my partner in this. I have already accepted you as my love. I can see you as my twin flame partner. I know we are perfect for each other. I can sense this feel very strongly”

✨🔥 We Need to Talk With Each Other!!!

”Hello beloved. We seriously need to talk about this. I know I hurt you a lot in past. I know I was the one who cut off communication And without any question you have. I accepted my decision and from that moment. I am completely lost… I don’t know what to do. You don’t know how much missed you. Not talking with you killing me inside. I was constantly blaming myself. OH God! How stupid I am to run away from love. You are the only person who trusted me. I was so stupid to hurt you like this But now I have realized my mistake And I want to improve myself. I will not hurt you in the future And I will never give up on our relationship”

💌 miserable…🔥💗😍

”Hey beloved. Are you blind my love? I don’t seriously what is the issue with you. Why you are not noticing my love? I know you are just simply ignoring me Because you don’t want to answer my questions. Do you know how much I have suffered to Come closer to you? Do you have one? Any idea how many sleepless nights I have? Spend alone in my bedroom. I was just nonstop thinking about you. This is the only thing I do perfectly. Apart from loving you, I cannot do anything. I don’t how I will run my life without you. You are key to my heart. My heart is only beating because of you. I know you know my feelings very well”


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