DM TO DF Meditation Message

DM TO DF Meditation Message

💞 Together We Will Build Beautiful Life.

”Hey beloved. I am in love with you madly. Your love is very precious to me… You make me crazy…Thank you. my love for being them. you are my love and I feel safe with you… thank you for entering my life… thank you for making me feel special… do you know my love is pure for you… I am fully devoted to you… I believe you are my soulmate. The universe gifted you to me… My love is divine. I will make you feel happy always… Please don’t leave me, my love… Together we will build beautiful life…”

💌 I Know I Am Not Worthy Enough ❤️

”Hey beloved. Thank you for choosing me for making love to. Thank you for making my life beautiful. Together we will build our love empire. Since I started to love you, I feel… There is magic in the air and I can feel it. After loving you I feel everything is easy. I know I am not worthy enough And still, you choose me to love. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love you more than anything else. Your love has magical power. I feel better inside now. You help me to forget my past. You help me to focus on my future. You are the reason behind my success”

❤️ I Want to Tell You My True Feelings for You

”Hello beloved. Today I want to confess something. I just want to confess my true feelings. I want to tell you what I feel for you. First, I want to tell you… I love you a lot. My love for you is pure. You always make me feel crazy. You don’t know how much I admire you. I am just made for you. I can do anything to have you in my life. You are just my perfect love. You are always special to me. I know you are my perfect twin flame. My heart is only beating for you. I inhale your smell with each breath. I cannot forget your smell…”

💌 I Want You to Understand 💖

”Hello beloved. Do you think I am unable to catch you? You will do everything behind my back And you think I am not going to see it. You are taking advantage. You are using my name always. Please be honest with me. I just want trust in our relationship. Why don’t you understand the importance Of our relationship in my life? We were happy together but now. You are finding someone else And you are keeping me in dark. I am unable to understand why you are… Doing all this… What you will get. Please come back and stay with me. I want to keep our relationship strong”

❤️ I Want to Admire You✨

”Hello beloved. Do you know how much I love you? I just want to admire you. You are the best feeling of my love. You always make me feel happy And I want you to be happy always. You are my true love. You are a special person in my life. You know you are the reason behind my smile. You always make me feel blessed. You always make me feel special. I love, laugh & live because of you. You gave meaning to my life. You are the best thing that happened in my life ever. I will be with you always Because I am madly in love with you.”

💌 I Want To Protect You ❤️😘

”Hey beloved. I want to tell you this before it’s too late. You need to know this. I know it is hard to understand me But you have to understand this… That I am also trying hard to save… Our relationship… I can do my best always. I want to protect our relationship. I want to protect you at any cost. This word is very nasty my love. I know you are my best chance. I know you helped me a lot to move ahead. You helped me to get rid of my past. That’s why I know your value. Whatever will happen in the future. I will be with you always Because I love you a lot”

💌 I Broke Your Trust ❤️

“Hey beloved. I know I don’t worth anything. I was stupid enough to make mistakes. I did hurt you in past. I did break your heart in the past. I am not asking you to forgive me But I want to say sorry to you. I did it mistakenly sorry. Please understand my situation. It was not intentional. I love you a lot But I was walking on a path blindfolded. Now I have opened my eyes. I can see my mistakes. I will not repeat them in the future. I want you to please trust me. You are the only love in my life”

💌The Time Has Come To Tell You This😘

“Hey beloved. I was hiding this from you. Do you know how much it takes? I was suffering for a long time. You don’t know about this But everyone around us knows this. Everybody knows how much I love you But I am not expressing my loneliness. It gives me a lot of pain. When someone looks at me, I feel bad. When I get close to someone, I feel sad. I want you to please understand my silence. Is it possible for you to look into my eyes? My eyes are filled with love for you. Please consider my love honey. I am nothing without you. You are the first and last love of my life”

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