“I learn my lessons right now.

That I don’t need to trust people henceforth.

Because they will keep talking negative things about you behind your back.

That’s why I just want to concentrate on our relationship

I really don’t care what people think about our relationship.

The opinions of others don’t matter in our life.

I decided in my life that I will never listen to other people.

I want to concentrate on you.

I want to focus on our love.

These things make me happy and bring joy and peace to my life.

Now I understood how I need to live my life.

I will only follow my decision

I just want to succeed in this life.

So, I can be worthy enough for you.

I just want to see you happy all the time.

And that’s why I am doing all these things.”


Comments on message of I LEARNED THIS NOW: DM TO DF Message

  1. if they talk about the son of God which was Jesus and “HE WAS PERFECT”!!!!! ….” WITHOUT SIN”!!! …. then who are we???? These people can’t help themselves BECAUSE they are not happy themselves!!!! They put others down to maybe so they might feel that people are lower than them or that they are better than others. Any who, yes let’s keep our focus not on others’ insecurities and scrutiny. I am in the place of my life and it is truly short in comparison to the eternity of trying to focus on the more positive things of life and not being negative and critical of the shortcomings of others. We all come up short but we can participate in practicing discipline in order to become the better version of ourselves! …. baby let’s just focus on loving ourselves and let those people be or try to enlighten or heighten their standards to be more loving towards themselves and patient with others.
  2. Me its ok Lang you love true I’m very happy o you do not love me because our gap ages and very complicated I am ok lang basta ikaw ang nag decision I understand and respect your decision I am support always hon
  3. Can I see the light as day turns to night my love for this relationship changes hour by hour.
  4. Yes, what you said is correct. Most people are opportunists. It is better to take our decisions by ourselves.
  5. Yes, darling we need got happiness in this world, especially in our relationship we need to win this situation️


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