“Hey, dearest honey,

I breathe in the fragrance of love, and moist sand the one his roses left on both my hands.

Just remember life is not measured by time, it is measured by moments.

Just keep the faith, the vision is always for the appointed time.

Be patient, and prayerful, and wait for the fulfillment of your visions.

There are moments in a relationship when you didn’t speak, you didn’t have to, but you talked a lot.

On the other hand, with uncertainty, there is never a dull movement.

In those moments when the night is just starting,

When you know you’re about to get into trouble.

It feels so good, the beginning.

Sometimes he felt loneliness.

But these moments of solitude and loneliness gave meaning to his existence.

He would keep drifting from moment to moment – inhaling the fragrances of these moments as one inhaled from the flowers in a garden!

Finally, I have realized that an imperfect life is the most perfect one.

I have come to see how life is beautiful in all its colors,

More so because the shades of grey bind them & paint them with even more radiance.

A clear sky is always beautiful but what if we never have rain or storm?

Sunshine is always wonderful but what if we never have the soothing dusk or the cold night to coil in our Mistry self?

Storms that come to jolt us often leave us with more courage as we sail along the gust to chase a silver lining.

The scorching heat that chokes us often makes us wait more eagerly for that balm of rain.

So is life, in all those moments of sunset we have the hope of the following sunrise,

And if we may wait and absorb all that crumbling ray of that sunset, we would be able to paint our sunrise with an even more crimson smile.

Because just like a story, nothing in life is concrete without patience.

We cannot skip pages of a book because each line contains just so much to seep in, and to have the story fully lived inside our heart and soul we have to keep reading until the very end to feel that sense of peaceful happiness.

In the same manner, we have to keep walking through life,

As every step of ours leads us to the destination of our life,

The destination of peace, the destination of knowledge of self.

The best part of this walk is that it is never a straight line,

But is always filled with curves and turns,

Making us aware of our spirit, laughing loud at times while mourning deeply at times.

But that is what life is all about,

A bunch of imperfect moments to smile as perfect memories sail through the potholes of life,

Because a straight line even in the world of science means death,

After all monotony of perfection is the coldest imperfection.

Yes, it’s indeed true.

Things are getting out of control just because of my boundless passion.

The kind of extreme loving feelings I have for you is just phenomenal.

I feel like you are always in my mind and heart.

Whenever you are not around, I miss you a lot all the time.

Things get so hopelessly frustrating for me.

It seems like the time has stopped for immortality.

Maybe Einstein discovered his theory of relativity for wild lovers like me!

It’s the fuel of fantastic love that keeps me going.

Your optimistic punch is so much intoxicating.

Now I am all concentrated to be the better version of myself.

I feel secure when you are holding me near to you.

I can fight all the obstacles if you are with me like a solid support system.

I know for a fact that life is not a straight-cut bed of roses.

Life can take surprising turns at any time.

But nothing can stop us from attaining greater heights in life.

We know very well that man can be destroyed not defeated.

My heart is always like an open book for you.

I will never conceal anything from you.

There will never be a secret room in my heart.

Your company is so consoling & lovingly caring.

I have never seen a more kind-hearted individual like you.

You have conquered my heart like a fairy tale goddess.

I feel like I am your all-time knight in shining armor.

Trust me, dear girl, we have the most fulfilling future ahead of us.”


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