Love Message For My Love

  Love Message For My Love

 💌 I am Feeling Heartbroken Now. 🔥💗

”Hey beloved. I want to know this. I need to know. The answer from you right now. I don’t want to scare you at all But I can not handle this feeling anymore. I want to know do you have feelings for me. Do you have space in your heart for me? I am waiting for an answer for a long time. I tried to ask you this question indirectly But you are not getting me at all. Look like you are ignoring to give me an answer But not I can not bear it with my heart. 24*7 I am just thinking about you. If you will not answer me I will go mad. Please try to understand my situation. Can you tell me… Do you love me?”

❤️you feel my love for you 💌 ❤️

”Hello beloved. I know that it is one-sided love. I am not complaining to you. I just want to tell you that I love you. Whenever you need me, I will be there for you. I know you are a special person in my life. Even I am okay if you will not love me back. I just want to be on your side. To protect you always from this world. I know how innocent you are. Your innocence makes me crazy. I wonder how someone can be innocent like this. You are like and flower to me. Flower spreads happiness in this world. You do the same with your cute smile. I just admire you a lot. I want to you feel my love for you”

💌 You to Know This First 🔥💗

”Hey beloved. I want to tell you one thing honestly. I am not the one who chooses you. You are not my choice darling. I cannot do anything against my heart. My heart is the one who chooses you. I tried to go against my heart But I failed miserably. My heart is not in my control anymore. My heart is there in my body but You own it… my heartbeat belongs to you. I cannot survive without my heart. It means I cannot survive without you. Can you please tell me what to do next? I want to tell you my feelings. Please try and understand my feelings. I cannot live without you”

 💌 They Are Just Jealous.🔥💗

”Hey beloved. Darling, I want to tell you something. This is very much important. So, I want you to listen to me carefully. You know you are very special to me. I can not lose you at any cost. But there are some people in the world. Very nasty people. They are feeling jealous of us. They are jealous because of our strong bond. They know we are made for each other And they don’t have perfect love in their life. Always remember you are mad at me And keep in mind I only belong to you. So please make sure you will not give. Attention to other people’s thoughts. Just focus on our love darling”

💌 I Want to Tell You This….🔥💗

”Hey beloved. I want to make things clear for you. I will not end this connection. I know we are the perfect twin flame. Our twin flame journey is very special. You don’t know what I feel for you. I know you are a very shy person And that’s why you are not accepting. My love for you. I also know that You love me inside your heart But you deny accepting your love. You are scared by this world I know But we need to fight together. I will not leave your side. Please trust me, darling, I will make sure to protect you. Just remember, I love you a lot”

💌 I Am Sorry, I Messed Up 💗

“Hey beloved. I know dear I hurt you a lot But I want to say sorry to you. Please forgive me, my love. I know I was not good enough But today I want to explain to you. What happened to me? I was in bad shape before meeting you. When I saw you, my life has been changed But my bad karma was running behind me. I want to get rid of them. That’s why I have started the healing process. I was healing myself for us. I want to give you the good life. For that, I want to be a good person. Apologies for what happened. I will never repeat these mistakes.

💌 You Don’t Know This 💗

“Hey beloved. Honey, you don’t know this But now I have prepared myself. To tell you my truth now. I want to show you the wounds from my past. I was in pain before meeting you Because my past was not clean at all. I was in shock and broke. I never thought I will find a person like you. You were just perfect at that time and even now. You taught me the value of life. You told me, that have to value myself. You showed me a path to success. You showed me the path of spirituality. Slowly I started to fall in love with you. Now, I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you for coming into my life”


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Gratitude for Viewer

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