Meditation For live-in relationship Perfect story

In this post, we are giving you the best story of a live-in relationship. According to this story, if regular meditation is done, you get great success in living in a relationship. If you want to be happy in a live-in relationship, then you must try this meditation, with the help of which you can take advantage of the infinite energy in you. Also, you can love more with your partner and you can be very happy and energetic in the coming future.

Meditation is very useful in our life, so one can feel the power within himself and get the desired result. So let’s know an interesting story (myth) and act accordingly.

Meditation For live-in relationship Perfect story


Meditation For live-in relationship Perfect story

We have started to understand each other better now

” Hey beloved. When you suddenly ask me about a live-in relationship. I was completely shocked at that movement. I never thought about this. I agreed with you and that decision was the best part of my life. I am so happy in this situation right now. I feel like this is a different dimension of the world with you.

I never thought I would be this happy in a live-in relationship. This is just the start of our relationship. We have started to understand each other better now. We started to understand what we need in real life. All the small things are making big differences in life.

I never thought about all things before But I guess all things are very important in life And I am also glad that we have decided to live together. I am so happy right now, my love Thank you so much for blessing me with your love”

Do You Know You Are My First Love?

Hey, beloved. Love is very special to me. I know. I will love someone special. I started to love you before. I know you, my love. Do you know baby? You are my first love And you will remain my last love as well. I loved you from my soul. I loved you from bottom of my heart. My love is always special to me. That’s why you are also special.

I love you beyond body connection. There is a bond between our souls. It is never ending connection. I know you also feel the same way. I love you a lot darling

Just Be Honest with Me

Hey beloved. You already know I am a simple person. I am very straightforward person. I don’t like people will lie to me. I am expecting same thing from you. Just be honest with me. Our relationship is divine for me. I am very confident that this. Relationships will last forever.

I will be completely honest with you. You are the only love of my life And this thing will never change. You are the only reason behind me. All the success in my life. I don’t want to change this thing. Please be my side always. I will not leave you at any cost.

I Know You Are Hiding Your Feelings

Hey beloved. I am not sure what happened. Why you are doing this now. I know you are hiding your feelings. I know very well that. You love me a lot. I do the same but don’t know. Why you do not accept our love. This is very important thing of our life. You must have to admit it.

Our love life is depending on your decision. Can you please share your problem with me. I want you to be mine. I know your feeling for me. You never expressed your love for me But I can read your eyes. I can see your love for me in your eyes.

I Don’t Like People Who Lie To Me

Hey beloved. Do you know it pissed me off. When someone lies to me. I don’t like people who lie to me. Honesty is very important to me. That’s why I have very less friends. I am just expecting honesty from you. I want you to be honest in our relation. I will keep you happy always. I will never ever leave you alone.

I want you to be in my arms always. I am completely honest with you. I will be honest with you in the future as well. My honesty is the greatest treasure I have. I will give it to you for a lifetime. Do you know how much I love you. I am completely mad at you.

I Am Very Confident That This

Hey beloved. I want to tell you this. Before its too late to say. That, I love you a lot baby. I am very confident on my love. That I will keep you happy always. I want you to accept my love. Look at my eyes so you can. Find honest in my love.

I am sure you will love me back. When you will understand. How much I love you? Your love is very vital for me. I cannot live with you. I want you to stand by my side. In all the situations. I love you a lot baby

You Are Not Looking at Me

Hey beloved. I know this for a long time. That, you love me a lot But you are hiding your feelings. Whenever I try to catch your gaze. Intentionally you ignore me. You are not looking at me Because you get scared by my love. You feel, you will fall in love With me again.

I don’t know what is your situation But I want you to understand that. I love a lot at any situation. I will stand beside you always. Please do consider my love. I will keep you happy forever. Please come back to me. I will never ever harm you

I Am Not Kidding My Love

Hey beloved. I guess we need to move in a live-in relationship Because I cannot spare a single moment without you. You hold a special space in my heart. You already know what you mean to me. Your presence in my life makes everything so beautiful.

I feel so honored with your presence in my life Sometimes I feel so difficult to breathe without you. Once we will start living in a relationship, We will spend more time with each other. I want to spend quality time with you. So, there is no hurry to go anywhere after our meeting.

I am frustrated because of this long-distance relationship And that’s why this thought came in my mind. I would like to hear your opinion about this. Let me know if you feel awkward about all these things. Your opinions are equally important in this relationship. I just want you to be happy.

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