Twin Flame divine masculine to the divine feminine message

In this post, we will give you 10 messages that are divine masculine to the divine feminine message. In which there are messages related to a happy life. It is shown why to live life and how to live a happy life. if it is followed in a messaging way, your twine flame journey can be successful.

We are happy to say that the message given in this article is absolutely correct. And if there is any problem in your twine flame journey, you can tell us in the comment box. We will try our best to make your life better. The purpose of this article is to make the twine flame journey a success. So let’s see the message one by one.

Twin Flame divine masculine to the divine feminine message

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Twin Flame divine masculine to the divine feminine message.

Happy in this love journey with you

”Hello beloved. I am just drowning in you Because I am madly in love with you. I don’t want to spend a single moment without you. I am lucky enough to find you in this world. I just want to hold your hand in my whole life. I have strong emotions toward our love. I cannot imagine my world without you.

Your smile makes me happy. I want to start my day by looking at your face. I want to and my day in your arms. I just went to hear your voice all day long. Wherever I will look I want to see your face. My love is unconditional. We are just perfect twin flame. I am so happy with your company in my life. I am happy in this love journey with you…”

My life is beautiful becomes of you

”Hello beloved. I just can’t stop thinking about you. You don’t know how much I miss you. I can not live without you for a singlet. I went to hug you tight right now. I just miss that passionate kiss. Missing you makes me feel sick. I feel so helpless I miss you. Still, there is one thing I am unable to understand. Every time I miss you, they smile on my face.

I miss you more and more whenever. I went to stop thinking about you. You are memories just running in my blood. Without you passing a single minute is difficult. You are there in my soul. I am lucky to have you in my life And my life is beautiful becomes of you …”

I want to be with you forever

”Hello beloved. Please don’t give up on us. Whatever happens in the future. I will always stand beside you. Please don’t leave me for this heartless world. We understand each other as no one does. Now we are two bodies and one soul. My mind is just thinking about you. I know. You also think about me all the time.

We can have a lovely life in future. Forget about time being problems. These situations will also pass. I know you also love me a lot. It gives me the strength to fight against the world. Destiny wants us to be together. We are a perfect example of a twin flame. I want to be with you forever…”

Loving you broadens my horizons

”Hello beloved. I am surrounded by others, I am still looking for you. I’m still yearning for your company. I wish you were here right now with me. My mood is quickly lifted when I see your face. There are times when it’s unbearably intense. I need to do some exercise to get myself out of this funk. I’m not sure how.

It’s possible to desire you so much. Knowing this brings me peace. That you miss me as well. That you desire me as much as I desire you. I’d want to share with you all of my excellent news. Only you can sense the gap in my heart. My hunger for you is intense. At the same time, Our chemistry is both genuine and unreal. Above everything things, My love for you reigns supreme. Loving you broadens my horizons

Men’s Will Never Admit This

“Hey beloved. I was unable to understand your behavior. You are saying you love me a lot But when I try to approach you. You simply ignore me always. Now when I am trying to move on You are disturbing me And giving me hints with your messages. You don’t want me to move on. With another person now.

You scared me a lot by doing this. Do you know what means will never admit. Any stupid commitment was. They are not able to fit in. Please clear up this confusion And tell me do you accept my love. Would you like to be with me forever”

We Are Perfect Twin Flame

“Hey beloved. Do you know some things are beyond perfect. We cannot express them in words. We just need to feel them. You can see it in the eyes. You can see them with closed eyes. Our love is one of those things. We are the perfect twin flame. This is what we are.

Just perfect couple With lots of love and happiness. I am grateful for my life. To have a person like you. I really thank God for you. You are a perfect gift for me. I am so happy with you. I will remain happy with you always”

Your Secret Shocked Me a Lot

“Hey beloved. I was really not aware of this. You are giving me shock now. I was not aware that you are. Seriously in love with me. I thought you were always kidding with me. I try to ask you multiple times But you were ignorant at that time.

I thought you don’t have an interest in me. Now I am thinking about moving on And you are saying you want to be with me. You love me a lot. I don’t know why you have. Never admitted your love for me. Can you please help to understand this. I also loved you a lot But now I cannot handle this”

You Hurt Me with Your Behavior

“Hey beloved. I loved you always baby. I tried to express my feelings to you But you have never accepted my love And now suddenly I came to know You also loved me a lot But never expressed it Because of your own issues. You individually handled the pain. You suffered a lot in past.

Why you did not tell me. This is too much for me now. You hurt me with your behavior. If you would have told me earlier. I could have done something for you. Now I know the truth And I will not leave your side for a second”

We Just Make a Perfect Pair

“Hey beloved. I know this since beginning. I know you also know this very well. We are divinely connected. Universe planned our love. It means to happen in our lives. We are made for each other. Together we make the perfect pair. This is guided love by the universe And thankful for our love. I am so happy and excited.

That I have you in my life. I cannot ask for more now. As I have everything Because I have you in my life. This love feeling is amazing. I feel love in the air”

I Have Something For You

“Hey beloved. Can you please stop for a moment. I have something for you. I want to tell you something. You have to understand this. I like you a lot, dear But I am unable to understand this. I am confused about my feeling. As I am feeling this first time. I don’t know what to do.

I tried to hide it And I tried to ignore it But I failed always and now. I am very much frustrated. I don’t know it is love or lust But I like you very much And I want to be with you”

When you started talking with me, I felt like I was on top of the mountain

There are many things that I keep to myself. But there is one thing I want you to know that I cannot forget you. Whether it’s a day or night, you are constantly on my mind. There are many great and mysterious things I experienced in this connection.

Things which I thought never existed for real but with you I felt and sensed it all. Since the day I saw you, I always wanted to know more about you and talk to you, Remember the first time when you smiled at me and told me ‘Hi’ I was glad and filled with so much excitement that you broke the ice and took that first step toward our connection.

I never expected that a woman & man like you could ever find something nice within me and ask me for friendship. When you started talking with me, I felt like I was on the top of the mountain I felt so good about myself and so lucky. Since that day, I always looked forward to the times when we will talk again. It was not just your look that attracted me. It was how I felt when you were around me. I felt simply content and full of energy when you were around me. I felt like someone got my back. I don’t know if you know it or not but you have a warm presence.

It makes people comfortable around you. You have no idea what you can do to me. My entire body used to get active with your thoughts. When I think about myself, I forget that I have a painful past and traumas. I just love you from the core of my heart and soul and truly I miss you so much, especially your care and the way you sweetly scolded me when I did something wrong.

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